Our panel of experts offer turn key consultancy to set up, manage and maintain rural tourism, community based tourism projects. These projects will be in partnership/aegis of state governments .


  • Training of manpower, sensitizing and equipping with skills as sustainable projects dealing with hospitality need considerable training.
  • In partnership with states,, brainstorming sessions with NGOs, PP programs on social sustainability, communities, individuals can be held to look at different ways of marketing, sustaining and infusing tourism into such projects.
  • Workshops for the industry on best case practices.
  • Workshops to corporate house executives (well placed business executives) to encourage, sensitize on responsible tourism. To raise awareness of genuine projects happening on the ground, to entice them to travel and visit such projects. Know more
  • Presentations to tour operators (abroad) about best case practices in partnership with several international organisations, to discuss alternative tourism, develop new circuits.

Mapping, Integrating, drawing up Itineraries

We have the expertise to map, integrate and draw up itineraries of all initiatives that may or may not be related to tourism but actively involved in community welfare, social sustainability and environmental/wildlife conservation.

B2B Meets, Networking Sessions

• Conduct B2B meets, Representations,
• Networking Sessions

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