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Salaam Baalak Trust runs five 24-hour full care shelters for children, one being devoted to girl children. These shelters, located in Delhi and Gurgaon, provide the children security, a sense of home, and an opportunity to receive all the critical inputs of childhood. They aim at restoring the childhood in children besides instilling in them the values of independence and decision-making, education and social values and financial self-dependence to become mature and responsible citizen of the country and caring and responsive members of the society.

Greaves arranges interesting city walks through the streets of the inner city of Paharganj and the New Delhi railway station area. These spirited youngsters of India will take you on a tour while sharing with you the journey of their lives. The walk is given from the perspective of the guides who enjoy sharing their lives and experiences.

The walk includes the living and built heritage of the area, taking you down the back streets to find hidden cultural practices and gives you a feel for life here in yesteryear. You will also see how the trust provides opportunities for street children of India and see what amazing things they can achieve.

The city walk aims to sensitize people to the lives of street children in India. It’s a unique way of engaging people in the lives of children in distress. The walking tour also provides an opportunity for the young people of India to improve their communication and speaking skills. All proceeds go directly to the trust to enable more opportunities to be made for street children so the walk is 100% non-profit making.

Learn more about Salaam Baalak Trust by visiting their website at, and contact Greaves to arrange your private walking tour.

What is the City Walk Programme?

The Salaam Baalak Trust City Walk is an English guided tour of almost 2 hours conducted by kids who used to live in the streets of Delhi before joining our Trust. Our guides are adolescents who have been fully trained as local guidea and who want to improve their communication and speaking skills. City Walk gets the children’s stories heard, gives people a view of their world through their eyes. Those who take the City Walk tour through the streets of inner city of Paharganj and the area around New Delhi railway station, led by a child who was once living and working on the streets will experience special tour far from the tourist main attractions. City Walk is an example of how a volunteer’s creativity can translate into a unique and enduring programme, which is both popular and economically viable. Over the last seven years, thousands have taken the Walk and empowered a number of children, helping them to join mainstream life.

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