Responsible Rural Tour by Chandra Niwas

For those of you seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and see the “real” Rajasthan, we welcome you to explore the beautiful unspoiled countryside and rural villages surrounding Udaipur. This tour includes a number of activities and provides a refreshing relief from the hassles and crowds of the city, while enabling you to learn about traditional village life and culture. Here you will go on a tour of Indian villages, where you can meet local artists and villagers. You will have the opportunity to interact with some youth at a rural education center set up by the DAAN Foundation (Development Action Awareness Nationwide). Here you will learn about on-going rural development projects organized by this grassroots non-profit organization, and can engage in hands-on activities with the children if you wish. You can learn more about the DAAN Foundation at

You would be given an opportunity to relax and enjoy the peace. The rural setup surrounded by the beautiful mountains and tall trees would avail you an opportunity to get in touch with your inner self. Participants would enjoy the beautiful sunset over a lake. The tour would end with simple Indian dinner with us either in a village setup or our homestay Chandra Niwas.

Chandra Niwas is the base for our community based work and participants may get an opportunity to meet and talk with some of our other helpers and participants from all over the world.

This is a complimentary tour offered to guests staying at the Chandra Niwas Homestay as part of their socially Responsible Stay Program.


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