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Enquiries from


UK TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Jayanthi

Thank you for all your information and help and for your kind words at WTM last November.

Can you please advise me on flights to India?  Is it perhaps possible to find flights for us, either complimentary or at a reduced price?  I would like to come out with my colleague Cathy Ebbels, leaving the UK on 16th Feb and returning on 24th or 25th Feb - only a few weeks from now!

On the fam trip we would be doing a hectic round tour of Rajasthan and Madra Pradesh visiting a large number of properties close to or in the national parks of Ranthambore, Karna and Bandavgarh and possibly other small tiger reserves.  One week will be very tight, but I hope it will be possible.

I would very much appreciate your views and advice you have on properties in these areas - I like to use small (preferably owner-run) lodges, hotels and palaces where my guests can feel part of the fabric of the place. I look forward to hearing from you about how to approach the airlines as the tickets is our first priority.   

best wishes Mary-Anne

ENQUIRY FROM UK: India Tourism eCatalog

We are an incentive travel house, but have yet to use India. We have used Asia extensively from Egypt in the west to China in the east and lots in between including Sri Lanka. But not India.

In fact I was invited by PATA to come as a hosted buyer to their mart in Hyderabad next month, but, unfortunately, it clashes with an incentive we have going to Vietnam and Cambodia.

We have six long-haul incentive programmes to place in 2010 and it is possible we could bring them all to India. Our groups range in size from 80 to 120, they are all couples and we would, therefore, require 40 to 60 rooms usually in five-star properties.

Although I feel sure your Golden Triangle has enormous merit for incentive groups, we would wish to go elsewhere in India, including perhaps Kerala. We would come to India for between six and eight nights and therefore we would have the opportunity to visit two or three destinations within India.

I would be interested in coming to India on a fam or educational trip if you run one. However, please don't advise your DMC's that we are interested in considering India, I do not wish to be inundated with programme proposals and offers, I receive plenty already from them without asking.

Kind regards,


ENQUIRY FROM UK --- Buyer Meeting In WTM

The client is based in UK and she heads a organisation known as York Gardens Charity Bridge.

Between September to November 2008, she is planning to get 20-40 people all aged between 80-85 years. These people would like to travel to all the typical visitor's interests such as the Taj Mahal, Museums, Palaces, Culture, Wildlife and Scenery. You need to make an itinerary for them for 3-4 weeks. They would like to stay in a 3-star hotel approximately 2-3 nights per place. Since they are elderly people they would not like to be rushed around everywhere, would like to return back by 5-6 p.m. and would like to stay in a neat, comfortable place which is not very expensive. They would like to have dinner at the hotel so all costs should be inclusive of the dinner. The rooms should be single.

They are not interested in Dances, etc. so no programmes please. They need a coach, with a driver and a guide.

Preferably they like to visit Nepal, Kashmir, Burma, Sri Lanka whichever possible. All costing should be indicated. They will do their own bookings between UK and India.

London TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Jayanthi,

Thank you for your e-mail. We organise an annual series of incentive travel programmes, but have yet to utilise India. So, please send me your CD and I will look at your website. I think we can probably interest our clients in India, particularly Kerala, so please tell me more about your free vacation offer, so that I can consider visiting your fascinating country.

Brian Morris
Managing Director

Argentina TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Jayanthi Iyengar

Thanks a lot for your email, We would like to receive the Cd catalog and the newsletter with all news about India.

Maria Garcia
General Manager
Bhutan TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a Tour Operator based in the Kingdom of Bhutan, paro. I heard lots about your goodwill company(Incrediable, its very great), i would like to make a business deal withb your company, especially in the packaged tour operations,whereby our company here in the kingdom of Bhutan will send packaged tour guests to your country through your company and your company may send the packaged tour to our country through my company, i would like to lay down my company's addres in the following

Chencho Dorji     

Columbia TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Greetings from British Columbia!

Thank you for the email regarding adding Incredible India to our portfolio.  We will be printing a brochure within the next 30 days which will cover North and South India.  Could you kindly email me high resolution images for my manager to make a selection of which images to use in our brochure?  Our designer will require these images by July 15, 2007 at the latest.  Please attach 40 - 50 high resolution images of North and South India, including the Camel Festival in Pushkar, Rajasthan, and Goa.  In your email you advised us that we can pickup a free CD from the India Pavilion, however we are not near any of those locations. 
Could you kindly send the CD by overnight courier to our office

Thank you for your kind assistance and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Warm Regards,

Lindsay Wickham
Tour Coordinator

Germany TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Madams and Sirs, 
Could you please send your FREE CD which provides FREE information on leading:
1. Tour Operators
2. Major Hotels
3. Resorts
4. State Tourism Boards
5. Heritage Hotels and Palaces
6. Spas
7. Ayurveda Centers
8. Medical Tourism from India

Thank you very much and see you at ITB 2008!

Best regards

Christoph Hoppe

Germany TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Sirs,

I have a small travel agency and in the  moment I do a practice to work also as a Yogateacher. Therefore I´m very interested to offer special journeys to India with its Spas and Ayurveda Centers.

I´m looking forward to send me some information about Tour Operators, Hotels and Resorts as well as some details about Medical Tourism.

Yours sincerely
Verena Dumont

Germany TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Jayanthi,

got your message, maybe meet in Hyderabad !


Germany TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Travel Partner,

we would appreciate if you could us the CD with all the contact details. We will attend the ITB but it would be very helpful for us to have this information in advance to prepare us for our appointments.

Thanks a lot and best regards

Indonesia TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Ms. Iyengar,

It would be very gratefull if we could receive the free CD of all information in India.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,
USA TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Hello! My name is Nancy Mistry and I am the owner of TRAVEL company, a Passageways Partner, AMERICAN EXPRESS company located in Michigan, USA. My husband is a physician who trained in India and the UK. I have travelled to India many times, including twice for medical care and surgery. I am interested in promoting the high quality of medical care that is available in India today as well as the many wonderful tours that are offered. If you have any interest in an affiliation with my company I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you in Las Vegas. It would be most convenient for me to meet with you on Sunday, September 9th in the morning. Please let me know if you have an interest in meeting with me. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Nancy J Mistry
USA TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Hello Jayanthi,

Thank you for your e mail.
We need a copy of the India Tourism Book desperately , although we had asked the New York
office to do so., But no reply.

Is possible for you to arrange one for us.

Mathews Kurian
OMAN TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Ms. Jayanthi,

Thank you for your email dated 7th January 2008, and for informing us the availability of the CD of the leading companies in the travel and tourism industry. I will personally visit and obtain the CD at the Incredible India Pavilion at the upcoming ITB Berlin in March 2008.

Yours sincerely,

Said bin Nasser Al-Khusaibi


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Kenya TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Jayanthi,

Hope you are well. How do I get out bound tour agents who can we can collaborate for Kenya and Tanzania.

Please assist.

Robert Cullens                                                                                                
Managing Director

Kenya TO: India Tourism eCatalog


We are members of the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) and would like to be in touch with tour companies that offer outbound services in this case we would like to have companies booking our services in Kenya.

Are you able to offer this kind of service?

With warm regards


Kenya TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Please send me a Free CD and Contact Details of leading Tour Operators which would lead to possible business partnership.

Thank You.

Margie Gitau
Tours Manager


Kenya TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Thank you for coming to my rescue when I am looking for contact details for tour operators in India.

Kindly send me as I need to start sending tourist business to India as well as seeking their tourist business to Kenya.

Also email me what can be emailed on soft copy as I wait for the CD.

John Ng'ang'a
Business Development Manager


Kenya TO:
India Tourism eCatalog

Attn: Sales & Marketing

We have three adults interested in visiting Agra , Delhi and Rajistan from 20 – 27 th September

Kindly send me your proposal for the same.

Thank you,

Margie Gitau



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Canada TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Jayanthi Iyengar,

Thanks for your offer, please send us several Free CDs so we can provide it
to Non-Indians & Indians who are interested to India for Medical Tourism and
more....... because we do promote Medical Tourism mainly.


Canada TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Hi Jayanthi

My name is Richard L'Ecuyer.I am a travel consultant Canada. I had the pleasure to attend PATA 2007 in Bali and I will be aparticipant next september for Hyderabad.I have already since then organized a group with Sita South and I will arrived in Cochin on January 16 for a month in the south region. It will be a pleasure to take your CD during Pata 2008 Meanwhile I would like to organized a tour in Andhra Pradesh before or after the Mart after for myself to discover that region


Richard L'Ecuyer


Dear Jayanti,

Thank you for your email. Could you provide us full itenerary year 2007 and year 2008 that you have for FIT (2, 4, 6,8, 10 pax) and Groups ? Regards

Freddy B


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Spain TO: India Tourism eCatalog

I will collect CD in Pata Bali

Thanks a lot

Teresa Sans

Spain TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Sir/Madame,

My name is Georgios Kyriakos and I am a sales executive in Transhotel EMEA & APAC Sales department, responsible for the markets where Transhotel has not own local office. As responsible for the Indian Market as well, I would appreciate if you could please send me the relevant cd mentioned in your mail below. I sincerely hope that in the future the opportunity for a further cooperation between us might be established.

Georgios Kyriakos

Spain TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Jayanthi,

My name is Susana Folch and I work for Hotusa Hotels. I am very interested to receive your CD.

Susana Folch



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Dubai TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Jayanthi,

Thank you for the update. Excellent job.

Would it be possible to get hold of the CDs from Dubai ?!!

Wishing you successful year and years to come…

Best Regards,
John Varkey Kailath
Tours Manager


Dubai TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Hi Ms.Jayanthi,

Tnks for your mail.

We are in travel industry for the past 22 years, and have four outlets based in RAK and Dubai , U.A.E. and have excellent outbound holiday packages from Dubai to world wide destinations, including India .

We are now going to run a campaign “INDIA TOURS” starting from 01Jan 08 for the whole year from all our outlets and we are in contact with GOI Tourist Office, in Dubai.

Will highly appreciate if you could provide us with latest tourism promotion CDs for INDIA , please courier us to:

If there is any FAM trip coming up soon, please put our name as well so that we could meet top suppliers, hoteliers and tour operators and gather first hand information on latest developments in India tourism.

Thanking you very much.

Yours truly,

General Manager,

Dubai TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Jayanthi;

Warm greetings from Reem Tours & Travel LLC Dubai. Kindly send us our CD copy.

Best regards,
Hossam I. Emam
General Manager



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Australia TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could tell me who to contact about receiving posters from Tourism India.

Connections Amazing Journeys is an adventure tour operator and we have recently started selling tours in India for small groups and focus on cultural awareness. Our head office is based in Sydney Australia.

We would like to have some large posters to hang in our office for our Reservations & Sales staff.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind Regards,
Mai Tran
Product Executive



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Greece TO: India Tourism eCatalog

We are a hotel chain and we have our own travel agency that deals with outgoing tourism. We have a group that is very interested to travel to India this winter so we will be very interested to have as many information as possible.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards


Greece TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear Madam

The Greek National Tourism Organisation is interested in participating at a tourism exhibition which will be organised in New Delhi or Mumbai.

Could you please help us by proposing which exhibition is important enough to visit for the first time.

Thank you for your assistance

Eleni Skarveli
Directorate of Advertisement



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Malaysia TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Greetings from AirAsia Go Holiday !

You may have heard about us, we are a subsidiary company of AirAsia Berhad, the low cost airline based in Malaysia. 

We are soon to spread our wings to India too and we would like contact details of hotel, tour operators etc – as such,  we very much like to have a copy of the Free CD that's mentioned in your email.

Thank you.

Indrani Hari Krishnan



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Zimbabwe TO: India Tourism eCatalog

We are a well established Travel Agency and Tour operator in Zimbabwe. I am very keen on finding more about the opportunities that exist in India. I am sure you might also want to know more about Zimbabwe.

Idah Achiume



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Sri Lanka TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Thanks for your interesting listing.  We have recently started promoting traffic to India, and so will find this useful.  The bulk of Sri Lankan traffic being pilgrimage or sari shoppers however, our numbers for the cultural and wildlife tours which we do mostly, is more limited.

Would you also have a selected list of outbound tour operators who might handle upper end traffic to Sri Lanka ?  I say might because I am not looking for people who already have ground handlers here:  we would prefer operators who have an outbound programme, and who are looking to extend operations in this direction.

Thank you again,

Yours sincerely,
Nirmala de Mel
Managing Director



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Russia TO: India Tourism eCatalog

Dear sir/madame!

Kindly ask you to send us your price list for accommodation and services if you work with Russian market.

Thank you very much in advance!

Elena Cherepanova

need your best qute for 2 pax mr/mrs raz arriving 4 oct to Del   leavening Del on 24 oct

They need organized tour in India. they ask for 4 to 5 star hotels. tour should include transfers. hotels privet car with guide. they like to make north and south tour

Please your answer as soon as possible



TO: India Tourism eCatalog


I am Miss momin Goolam Hoosen, your email address was given to me by Mr Shamimul Hasan. I will be visiting India in May 2009. I will be touring Delhi
1 day, Kasmir 3 days, Agra 1 day, Jaipur 2 days, Ajmer 1 day, Udapur 1 day, Surat 2 days, Mumbai 4, Goa 2 days, Bangalore 1 day, Maysoori 1 day,
Ooty 1 day, Hyderbad 2 days, Mumbay3 days. Arrive Delhi on 1 May 2009 Depart Mumbai 30 May 2009.

Please give me price for this complete tour Include accomodation and transport. for 2 ladies  I require 1 room.

Please Reply Soon


ATM TO : India Tourism eCatalog  
Requirement:   Kerala, Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra
Contact Person:   Mr. Arshed AL- Moosa
Company name:   Company name with held
Contary:   Kuwait
Requirement:   Rajasthan
Contact Person:   Kavish Gianani
Company name:   Company name with held
Contary:   Dubai
Requirement:   Kerala Tour Operators
Contact Person:   Abbas Ismail
Company name:   Company name with held
Contary:   Saudi Arabia
Requirement:   Interested in Kerala, Spa
Contact Person:   Mohamed Moustafa
Company name:   Company name with held
Contary:   Egypt

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Requirement:   interested in north-east india
Contact Person:   Cashio Vettom
Company name:   Company name with held
Contary:   Oman


Requirement:   Incentive, Mice, Team Buildings & Corporate Travel
Contact Person:   Donald Victor
Company name:   Company name with held
Contary:   Dubai


Requirement:   Delhi , Agra , Rajasthan Tour Operators
Contact Person:   Zaheer Abdulla
Company name:   Company name with held
Contary:   Bahrain


Requirement:   Corporate Groups, Mice, Incentives
Contact Person:   Deen Ashraf
Company name:   Company name with held
Contary:   Dubai

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