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Bihar :- Bodhgaya
Nearest Airport - Jaiprakash Narayan International Airport, Patna (109 kms. approx) International Airport, Gaya (8 kms. approx)
Rly Station - Gaya (Delhi, Howrah, Grand Chord)
Road - Well connected by road with the state capital - Patna and other cities of the country (Patna -109 kms. Gaya -12 kms.)
Accommodation: BSTDC hotels, private hotels and monasteries etc.
Set on the bank of river Niranjan (Falgu) and silhouted against a row of hills, it was here in 531 B.C. that Sakya Prince Siddhartha first saw 'Light' under the Bodhi Tree. The Prince became Buddha - the Enlightened One. Bodhgaya is the greatest pilgrim centre for Buddhists of the world. Many south-seast Asian countries have established their monasteries here in their native architectural styles.
Places Of Interest
The Mahabodhi Temple
The main Shrine of Supreme Enlightenment, the Mahabodhi temple is unique amongst other north Indian temples. It is having a spire instead of the usual curvi­linear contours. The four smaller towers at the four corners give balance to the structure. Inside the Shrine is a gilded image of the Buddha. The carved railings round the temple are the oldest remains at Bodhgaya.
The Bodhi Tree
The most sacred pipal tree under which Prince Siddhartha became Buddha- the Enlightened one. It is beleived to be the fourth or fifth generation off springs of the original. Its saplings are still in great demand in India and abroad.
The Stone Railing
Remains of a massive stone railing are at present found enclosing the Great Temple. The railing bears carvings such as sculptured panels, medallions and other ornamental patterns, those on the sand-stone portion differing materially from those on the granite portion. The latter contain characteristic of the Gupt period (4th-5th centuries A.D).
The Ancient Vajrasan

A polished Vajrasan throne of grey sandstone is placed against the western wall of the great temple.

The Jewel Walk Shrine
According to Buddhist tradition, immediately after enlightenment, Buddha walked to and fro near the sacred tree for seven days. The spot, where he so walked, appear to have become sacred quite early and a shrine was built over it about 1st century B.C.
Muchalinda Tank
Close to the south of the Great Temple is a sacred tank named after a Nagaraja- Muchalinda who, according to tradition, protected the Buddha while engrossed in samadhi after his enlightenment.
Other Sites Of Attraction

The Hindu Monastery, temples and samadhis, Tara Devi Temple, Animesh Lochan Chaitya, Monasteries of Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, Burma, Tibet etc-etc.

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