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What is Agri Tourism?
Agritourism is leisurely activities in the rural areas that help a person understand and appreciate the land and the people who live on it. In recent years, travel has become much more than just ticking through the mandatory list of local museums and sites. Travelers want to slow down when they discover a new destination. They want to meet locals in their natural environments and become more involved with the land they are visiting.
With this in mind, agritourism was born. At its most basic level, agritourism is a style of travel that takes place on a farm or ranch and usually offers the opportunity to help with on-site farming or ranching tasks during the visit. It entails a meaningful visit with a producer of land-based products and services.
Agri Tourism is however not all about staying in a village and relishing the food, this is an opportunity to be close to where the 75% of Indians live. One of the best things about staying on a farm is that guests can contribute to the place through their involvement. Our idea is to make tourists live life like a villager, right from milking the cow, ploughing the field, bathing in a well to climbing a tree and plucking fruits.
Why Agri Tourism?
Mother Nature is open door school without brick walls! If observed carefully one can learn something or the other, moreover India is Agriculturist’s Country, it is expected that we should know the information related to agriculture.
Today urban children’s world has became limited in the closed door school, classes, cartoon programs on the television, video games, chocolates, soft drinks, spicy fast food, computer, internet, and so on, they see mother nature only on television screen.
  Now it has become very necessary that children know the traditional way of agricultural farming activities, and other businesses dependant on agriculture.
Here children come very close to Mother Nature and learn many new things in life...
Why is Agri Tourism important?
As commercialism and mass production become the standards by which we live, agritourism has given people who work in the agricultural and horticultural sectors a chance to share their work with the masses. Some agritourism experiences allow guests to buy food products grown on the farm or hand-crafted products made by the farmers’ families; purchasing these goods helps provide ranchers who rely on their land with another source of income.
Home and consumer education has given way to technology courses in middle and high schools, and many children grow up without ever really knowing what the countryside is or what it’s like to interact with live farm animals. Agritourism, therefore, gives parents the opportunity to introduce their children to something other than the city life.
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