Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse

Biksthang (Sikkim, North East India), at an altitude of about 4200 feet, is a well-known bird watching hot spot. Its pristine wilderness and pleasant climate offer a serene environ well suited to avid nature lovers as well as world-weary travellers.

At the Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse the acres of lush green farmlands is still untouched by human habitation.

There are 8 cottages in total, spread across a working farm of about 50 acres. Each cottage is spread out from the Heritage Wing and requires some walking over cobbled footpath. Every room comes with its own unique view of the hills and the farm.

Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse is built on the estate of the Sharkahlon family. The original house was built by Sharkahlon Tshering Thondup, a prominent minister in the 18th century. The main floor of the house now serves as the reception centre. The present generation of the family has converted the ancestral property to a modern resort.

In keeping with the family tradition, the economic sustainability of the surrounding village is taken care of. The aim is to operate a viable resort and farm to maximize the collective economic potential. Villagers are encouraged to provide auxiliary services and their family members work at the resort.

A trek to Lheuntse Monastery gives a panoramic view of the range. Village walk and partaking in the local village day to day activities is highly encouraged. Experience “Haat”, the local village economy, every Tuesday at Mangalbarey. Gym, pool and traditional spa facilities are also available.

Guests who have a keen interest in in the traditional way of cooking over firewood and slow cooked meals, will consider this an ideal place. One may exchange recipes, learn about the ingredients and the art of preparation of the food.

Get a general feel of the farmhouse by being part of the family and working on the farm. Depending on the season, one can even pick seasonal fruits and vegetables and take it back.

For those interested, many activities to get a feel of the farm life—tilling the fields, digging up furrows and beds to sow seasonal fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers or simple gardening are encouraged.

One can even help to cut fodder for the cows, go milking in the mornings and evenings or feed the chickens while checking for fresh eggs laid in the chicken coupe.

Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse now welcomes limited groups interested in yoga and meditation, wellness and other healing techniques. Keeping in mind the remoteness and the pristine, natural environment—fresh air, water and wholesome food, coupled with the breathtaking view of Mt. Khangchendzogna and the Himalayan range as the picturesque backdrop, Biksthang is the right place to be! Traditional hot stone herbal bath used for soothing the nerves, body aches and joint-pains is available on request.

In view of the demand made by guests for souvenirs and momentoes of genuine Sikkimese handicrafts and other items, Khyom is the little gift shop by the Heritage Wing. Khyom showcases authentic, some unique and exclusive gift items made by local artisans of the region.

The aim of the resort owners is to preserve the legacy, restore the dying agricultural heritage and give visitors a genuinely authentic experience of the rich culture, tradition, history and cuisine of west Sikkim.


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