There are many projects in India and the developing world being carried out by communities, individuals and non profit organisations that are genuinely working at the grass root level.

Most of these projects are carried out with very less or perhaps in many cases, with absolutely no funds. Unfortunately, money generated by tourism somehow does not proliferate to these projects and people.

Travel Responsibly and Sustainably is a consortium of many such projects that have come together on one common aim: to promote genuine projects at the ground level.

To integrate, map and present best case practices from India, Indian Sub continent and the developing world on socially sustainable and responsible projects who may or may not be related to tourism so that some direct benefit by way of mass awareness or direct fund mobilization for genuine projects at the grass root level can occur.

Integration, Mapping of Projects at grassroot level
• Identifying, mapping and creating itineraries of genuine grassroot level projects.
• Establishing an integrated network of circuits.
• Participate in events, forums overseas to promote such itineraries.
• Sensitize tour operators worldwide to include such projects in their itineraries.
• Help foster, develop relations with industry.
• Create a better roadmap for implementation of new ideas and techniques that may provide common benefit to grassroots.
• Invite tour operators to visit such projects on FAM tours.
• Encourage more media attention.
• Use social media and other means to promote, publicise.
• Encourage corporate house executives, students to visit and patronize such projects.
• Encourage activism in the right direction.
• Lobby, discuss with governments and other industry associations.

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